Simon Mediation - Dan Simon, M.A., J.D.


Dan Simon, M.A., J.D.

Mediation Technique & Approach

REAL MEDIATION is the trademark approach to mediation that I use.  It’s derived from the transformative theory of conflict, which assumes that the most important aspect of conflict is the degenerated interaction between the participants.  REAL MEDIATION allows clients to address their conflict on that level and usually to quickly improve their interaction so that a meaningful conversation can take place.  This approach works well for any type of conflict, including divorce, business disputes, personal injury cases, and others.

My wife and I were going through the most difficult time in our marriage and were facing the most difficult issue for us: how to raise our daughter. Dan Simon mediated our conflict and helped us get to a better place. He was totally focused and attentive to us, but never imposed his own agenda or interfered with our own process as we struggled to sort things out.
- Marital Mediation Client, Minnetonka, MN