Simon Mediation - Dan Simon, M.A., J.D.


Dan Simon, M.A., J.D.

I went into the mediation without high expectations. My colleagues had told me that Dan had a very “soft” and ineffective approach but I went anyway because so many of my clients left mediations complaining that they hadn’t been heard. Dan let both sides say whatever they wanted. When one party started feeling picked on, he reminded the person that they were not being judged and that they could say whatever they wanted. The control seemed to empower the parties to settle a problem that had been festering for quite some time in only two hours. We settled all of the remaining disputes in a peaceful manner that will likely allow the parties to better raise their children together.

In the mediation I experienced with Dan Simon, we only needed 2 hours of a scheduled 3, and the couple came to agreement on all of their issues, and they did so in a way that appeared to make it more likely that they would continue to get along as they raise their kids (and even as they contemplate making another try at their marriage).  Read more
- Maggie Murphy, Attorney, St. Paul, MN