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Dan Simon, M.A., J.D.


What is a Qualified Neutral?

This badge indicates that this mediator has achieved the only legally recognized credential for mediators in the State of Minnesota.  He or she is a “qualified neutral” under Rule 114. Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of General Practice for the District Courts allows mediators to become listed on a roster that is maintained by the Minnesota Supreme Court.  In order to qualify for this roster, mediators must take a course that has been certified by the Supreme Court; and they must take 18 hours of continuing education courses every 3 years. This mediator is listed on that Supreme Court Roster.

This badge further indicates that this mediator has taken the finest Rule 114 training available, which is provided by Simon Mediation.

In all of the cases that I have referred to Dan, the clients have been very pleased with him and his process and they have always reached durable settlements very efficiently.
- Marjorie Rapp, Attorney, Minneapolis, MN