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Dan Simon, M.A., J.D.

Purpose Drives Practice in Transformative Mediation

In the below video, here’s what I say about what transformative mediation, and how its purpose connects to its practice:

The way that we talk about transformative mediation, for me it’s perfectly accurate to say that my job as a transformative mediator is to help you have whatever conversation you want to have, period. When people are feeling like the other person needs to know just how hurt they are or just what a slime ball they think the other person is, I’m happy to help with that conversation. When they want to say, “Okay we’ve got some stuff to figure out. We’ve got some money, only so much money to go around and we need to divide it up.” If you want to have that conversation, I can help you with that.

All of that theory that underlies the transformative model provides the basis for my comfort with purely supporting the conversation but when it comes right down to what I’m actually doing, I’m doing nothing fancier than just supporting the conversation, assuming that these folks are the ones who are in the best position to know what they want to say to each other and whether they want to have the conversation and how they want to have the conversation. My job is merely to support that, largely by providing reflections of what I hear them saying and summaries of the bigger picture of what I hear them saying. Then checking in with them constantly to make sure that… to remind them that it’s their conversation and they get to do what they want.